About me

NJR_PlateletCropI am a physical oceanographer working at NIWA – New Zealand’s Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research. I primarily work with field data, most of which has been collected in the Antarctic. I work on a range of ice-ocean processes relating to both sea ice and ice shelf regimes. Currently I am focussed on the creation, evolution and fate of supercooled water, and its potential to influence sea ice growth. I am also looking into the roughness at the ice-ocean interface caused by platelet ice, and its implications for mixing in the ocean boundary layer beneath both sea ice and ice shelves (where it is termed ‘marine ice’). These form the basis of a new Marsden-funded project that will take me to the Antarctic in October 2016.

Please feel free to contact me via natalie.robinson@niwa.co.nz.

This web page is an attempt to collect useful or interesting snippets of my professional and personal lives, and does not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.